Las Vegas Best Slot machines

So what are some of the best slot machines for us slot-lovers in Las Vegas? Below we’ve outlined some personal favorites of our team here at Online Slots Game\

Las Vegas Best Slot machines

Austin Powers Slots

Groovy, baby! Take a trip back to the days when bell-bottoms and hot pants were the swinging new fashions, with the Austin Powers Time Portal video slot. The game awards a scatter pay that will make any one “behave” when two, three, four or five Austin Powers Time Portal symbols land anywhere on the reels. The Austin Powers symbol is wild, and substitutes for all other symbols except the Austin Powers Time Portal symbol. You will shimmy with delight when you see the double payout that results.

Nickel slots the Las Vegas Best Slot machines

Nickel slots have always been a great favorite and so they easily make the Las Vegas best slots listing. Nickel slots are a good cheap way to have some amazing fun in Vegas. According to a recent article that I read, the Palms are said to have the loosest nickel slots in Las Vegas. The return on the Palms’ nickel slots was reported at just over 93.4% in the article.

Penny Slots

Like the nickel slots, penny slots are a good cheap way to have some quick fun playing the slots. We all love to play, but we all hate when our hard-earned $20 or $50 bucks is gobbled up in no time. So as a result, penny slots have come to the rescue time and time again, giving many of us hours and hours of fun with good returns in a lot of cases.

Penny slots may draw a lot of small-time gamblers, but penny slots also draws the real down to earth fun loving people of America; thus penny slots definitely qualifies for the list of Las Vegas’ best slots.

The Price Is Right Slots

There’s plenty of nail-biting game show excitement with The Price is Right video slot game. Authentic music from the show and voiceovers by the ever-popular Rod Roddy make this 9-line game a showcase full of excitement. Are you looking for big bonus round action?

Well that’s Las Vegas Best Slot machines that we can shared.  You’ll be bowled over by the Showcase Showdown Bonus, which is triggered when three Showcase Showdown symbols land on the first, second and third reels of any payline. Just like on the popular TV game show, you receive up to two spins of the top-box wheel for a chance to play the main bonus round

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