Blackjack, How to Play That?

Blackjack or twenty one is a popular card game played in casinos (real and virtual). What defines its uniqueness is that it’s played among dealers, not players. It’s a card combination game that requires the player and/or the dealer to have one picture and an Ace Card.

How to play blackjack?

The game mostly involves 2-6 players, who compete against the dealer. Each player puts a wager, the dealer then distributes two cards to each member, and keeps two for himself as well. The only difference being that the cards of the players are revealed, while his are concealed.

Card Value:

Terms of the game blackjack

Cards from 1-10 retain their face value. The picture cards account for 10. The Aces hold a special position in this game, they have a varying value that depends on how much points are needed either by the player or the dealer to reach, but not exceed 21.

Terms of the game: Hit: the players wants another card from the deck, it can do so if their points do not exceed 21.

Stand: the player does not require more cards.

Bust: If the values of your cards exceed 21, you lose. Your bets are transferred to the casino.

Surrender: the player can give up the game, and receive half the value of his bets. However, only after first two cards have been disturbed, and the dealer should hit the ‘Blackjack’.

Split: if the two cards have the same value, separate them to make two hands.

Sim Slots

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Slots Five Reel – Electronic Slots

Five Reel Slots
Over the past year or so, five reel slots have been popping up all over the Net in increasing numbers. These slots are actually similar to the Australian style slots commonly known as “Pokies” or “Pokie Machines”. More on Five Reel Slots.

Electronic Slots

The conventional mechanical slot machines of old gave rise to electronic slots as we know them today. All modern electronic slot machines are controlled by a computer chip that’s very similar to the one that might be in the computer that you are using to connect to the Internet and read this right now.

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